Webinar Series

InnovationQ and InnovationQ Plus

Got 10-minutes until you meet with your manager? How to use the powerful features in InnovationQ/InnovationQ Plus to answer big questions in a small amount of time.

10-minute Competitive Landscape

6/26 1pm EST

Want to know who your potential competitors are or which areas they are heavily investing in? This session will show you how to use InnovationQ/InnovationQ Plus's visualizations to quickly view the space around your patent or idea to identify major players, their areas of interest, and filing trends.

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10-minute Patent Analysis

7/12 1pm EST

Hit with a nastygram? Meeting with your boss in 10-minutes? In this session we will show you how to quickly evaluate a patent of interest using InnovationQ Plus's comprehensive data and intuitive user interface.

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