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Search and review important prior art using’s innovation and discovery platform, InnovationQ. Gain essential intellectual property insights and get ready to manage patent portfolios, identify licensing targets, prioritize research investments, determine litigation strategies and discover competitive positioning—all with total confidence.

Start driving innovation and predicting future trends today. InnovationQ provides:

  • A powerful semantic, or native language, search engine for streamlined intellectual property search and discovery—with the ability to simply and rapidly edit queries.
  • Advanced hybrid search capabilities with enhanced Boolean filters, classic syntax filters and main concepts—all combined with the ease of semantic search.
  • Complete control to explore more than 100 million documents to find exactly what you need.
  • Visualization of your search with the semantic map to discover what companies in your industry are patenting.
  • A corporate tree powered by S&P Market Intelligence that organizes global patent data of public and private companies, providing critical competitive information about patent ownership.
  • Exclusive content from IEEE with InnovationQ Plus, including full-text journals and conference papers.